Groups and Courses

Want to get more connected? Wondering what group is best for you? Check out all of our groups and courses below!

Types of Groups and Courses

LIFE GROUPS: These are centered on discussing the messages we hear weekly at The Log Church, but they are so much more! Members grow spiritually together and encourage each other through life's highs and lows!

CONNECT GROUPS: These are ongoing groups that each have their own unique niche. Whether you are a young adult, have a young family, just want some additional fellowship, or are looking for a senior support group, there is one for you!

COURSES: These are typically anywhere from three to eight week in length. Each course dives deep into a particular subject, providing considerable information on a particular Biblical topic in a short period of time.

ROOTED: This is a 10-week spiritual formation experience designed to connect you with God, The Church and Your Purpose in unexpected, life-changing ways.

For more information on ROOTED please visit the link here: