What is LAUNCH?

We are LAUNCH, the Young Adult Group at The Log Church. LAUNCH is a ministry designed to reach Young Adults ages 18-34. It started in 2012 as a small bible study and has grown considerably into a strong community of believers dedicated to living for the Lord.

At LAUNCH, our mission is to help LAUNCH young adults into a life that will glorify Jesus Christ. We address challenges that are common for this stage of life such as, dating, marriage, finances, careers, friendships, and more! There are so many key decisions made during young adulthood that will heavily influence the rest of your life. It is our goal to provide this community with the tools they need to set themselves on a path that will be pleasing to God. In this community, we see young adults uncover and identify God’s calling upon their life and then we LAUNCH them into living it out!

We meet on a regular basis to study the bible, build friendships, develop a network of Christ-centered accountability, and have fun together! Some of the activities consist of an annual mission trip, weekend retreats, Friday night bible studies, outdoor activities, community outreach and more.

We look forward to meeting you!

Spring 2024

Despite our flaws and shortcomings as human beings, God still chooses to use us, His servants, to accomplish His agenda on this earth until His kingdom comes. Join us this semester as we learn lessons from Peter, Paul, John the Baptist, Moses, Ruth, and Gideon, and watch how the LORD God shines brightly in each of their stories. This is also a great group to grow relationships and fellowship with other young adults who are seeking Jesus! Bring your Bible, a notebook, and pen!

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